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Closed e-IRG delegates meeting in Arlanda Airport, 30 November 2009

The next e-IRG meeting will be organised on Monday, 30th of November as a one day meeting at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

DRAFT Agenda:

  1. Opening of the meeting.
  2. Approval of draft agenda.
  3. Summary and conclusions of the 19th Meeting
    • Approval of draft minutes from Uppsala meeting 16th October 2009 (pdf)
    • Matters arising from the minutes
  4. Actions and matters arising
    • Report from the e-IRG chair
    • News from the member countries and the Commission
    • Updated list of Ministers responsible for e-Infrastructure matters (xls)
  5. e-IRG collaboration and liaison with other organisations
    • Norman Wiseman will present the EC eInfraNet project to explore possibilities for collaboration with e-IRG.
    • ESFRI collaboration. Letter to ESFRI (pdf)
      • Report by the expert group established at the Uppsala meeting
    • Future Internet (FIRE)
    • Office for Cyberinfrastructure (USA)
    • European e-Infrastructure Forum (EFF). Letter to EFF (pdf)
    • e-IRG presence at conferences and events
  6. e-IRG e-Infrastructure Roadmap (presentation with the new recommendation texts that were discussed during the meeting pdf)
    • Status and plans for completing the work
    • Roadmap draft with track changes (doc)
    • Roadmap draft without track changes (doc)
    • Roadmap draft without track changes (pdf)
    • Roadmap decision log file (doc)
    • Proposed changes and additions (including recommendation from Mirco Mazzucato) from Kees Neggers 26th November (pdf)
  7. Plans for the next e-IRG White Paper
    • Input for discussion and commitments from the delegates (doc)
    • Updated commitments from the delegates (only White paper topics table updated) (pdf)
  8. The joint e-IRG and ESFRI Data Management Task Force report
    • Joint DMTF report for endorsement by the e-IRG (pdf)
    • DMTF recommendations
    • Input on how to continue the work on the data management after the DMTF
  9. Non-Session
    • No minutes: national issues, contacts, plans, activities, visions
  10. Next steps and decisions to be taken for the e-IRG support programme e-IRGSP3.
    • Patrick Aerts and Rossend Llurba present the propsal for endorsement by the e-IRG. Completed proposal (pdf)
  11. AOB
  12. Closing of the meeting.