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The e-IRG meeting was held at Prague Airport on the 17th of June, 2009.

Meeting time is 10:00 - 16:00.

  1. Opening of the meeting.
  2. Approval of the agenda.
  3. Status presentation of the EGEE to EGI transition. Presentation given by EGI_DS Project Director Ludek Matyska. [ pdf]
  4. Approval of the minutes from the Prague meeting 15th May 2009. [pdf] [appendixes]
  5. Actions and matters arising
    • Report from the e-IRG chair
      • Report on the BoF session at TNC09, Malaga, 9 June 2009, Rossend Llurba [ pdf ]
    • News from the member countries and the Commission
      • Council conclusions on the Research Infrastructures and the regional dimension of the European Research Area (ERA), 29th May 2009 [ pdf ]
  6. Approval of the e-IRG recommendations based on the White Paper.
    • Approval of the White Paper disclaimer.
    • e-IRG White Paper [ doc with track changes] [ doc without track changes].
    • Approval of the recommendations [ doc with track changes] [ doc without track changes].
    • German contribution (Friday 5.6.2009):
      • The whole document with the German contribution [ doc ].
      • The document with the German contribution to the candidate recommendation 7 [ doc ].
    • Italian contribution (11.6.2009):
      • Mail from Mirco Mazzucato [ pdf ]
      • Document version [ doc ]
    • UK contribution (15.6.2009):
      • Mail from Neil Geddes [ pdf ]
  7. e-IRG e-Infrastructure Roadmap, next steps.
    • Appointing an editorial board consisting of e-IRG chair and 2 delegates, and authorising them to make decisions related to public consultation during the summer 2009.
    • Mail message to the delegates from Matti Heikkurinen 2.6.2009 [ pdf ].
    • Roadmap draft [ doc ] [ pdf]
  8. e-IRG task force on data management, final report.
    • Dany Vandromme presents the report.
  9. Next steps for the e-IRG support program after e-IRGSP2.
    • Patrick Aerts presents the plans for the consortium [ doc ].
    • Approval of the appointment of the coordinator (candidate excused).
    • Discussion and apporoval related to the overall plan.
  10. Non-Session (no minutes: national issues, contacts, plans, activities)
    • Reflections and discussion on the EGI transition based on current activities (EGI Office, MoU, LoI, ...)
  11. Discussion and possible actions to be taken to secure the processing of the next e-IRG White Paper, scheduled for 2010.
  12. AOB
  13. Closing of the meeting.