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23 November 2015

10:00 12:00

1. Opening and Welcome

2. Approval of agenda

3. Summary and conclusions of the 42nd meeting
    Document: draft minutes of the 42nd delegates meeting (PDF)

4. Reports and News

  • Report and News
  • Report from the e-IRG Chair
  • Report from the Commission
  • Report from ESFRI
  • Report from the Support Programme
  • Report from the Countries
12:00 13:00

Lunch break

13:00 15:00

5. Collaboration with ESFRI and other initiatives
    Document: ToR for the ESFRI working group on investment strategies (PDF)
    Document: Landscape analysis on e-Infras for the ESFRI Roadmap (PDF)

6. e-IRG bylaws, mission and vision
    Document: proposal for the bylaws, mission and vision, and objectives (PDF)

7. ERA Communication (Com(2012)) 382 final
    Document: ERA Communication (Com(2012))382 final (PDF)

15:00 15:30

Coffee / Tea break

15:30 17:30

8. e-IRG Roadmap
    Document: working document on the e-IRG Roadmap (PDF)

9. e-IRG Policy Documents

  • Task Force on the impact of national models
  • Task Force on the Long-Tail of Science
    Document: outline for the LToS (PDF)
  • Task Force on Data Analytics and Computing
  • KPI Working Group
    Document: working document of the KPI WG (PDF)
  • Overarching Working Group
  • Guidelines Document on the Long-Term Preservation of Research Data

10. e-IRG Action Plan
      Document: e-IRG Action Plan(PDF)
      Document: e-IRG Action Lines (PDF)

11. Activities under Dutch EU Presidency

12. AOB

13. Closing


Social event