Open e-IRG Workshop in Rome on 10-11 November 2014



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The opening session includes a welcome message by the e-IRG chair, the Italian Ministry, the local host and two guest keynote speakers from the EC and ESFRI.

The following plenary tracks are:
1. "Outlook towards eScience and International Research Infrastructures".
2. "ESFRI projects" focusing on projects in ESFRI's prioritisation list.
3. "European e-Infrastructures for Data Management and Computing".

Tracks 2 and 3 will include a panel discussion providing ample opportunity for interaction with the audience.

The plenary tracks has been streamed live.



Monday, 10 November 2014 - Day 1 (11:00-19:15)

Time Speaker Title Video
10:00 Registration

Sverker Holmgren (e-IRG Chair)

Welcome address; goals of the workshop [ ]

11:10 Maria Cristina Messa (CRUI, Italy) Welcome address; Italian Ministry for University and Research
11:20 Enzo Valente (GARR, Italy) Welcome address; local host  
11:30 Anni Hellman (EC DG CNECT) Presentation from the EC [ ]
12:00 Giorgio Rossi (University of Milan, Italy - vice-chair ESFRI) Towards the new ESFRI Roadmap 2016 [ ]
12:30   Lunch

Track 1: Outlook towards eScience and International Research Infrastructures.

Chair: Enzo Valente

14:00 Patrick Aerts (NLeSC, The Netherlands) PLAN-E: European co-operation of eScience centres []
14:25 Federico Ruggieri (GARR/INFN, Italy) CHAIN-REDS: Coordination of intercontinental infrastructures []
14:50 Davide Calonico (INRIM, Italy - Director of Research) Metrology infrastructure for research []
15:15 Ingrid Mann (EISCAT, Sweden - Head of Projects, EISCAT) EISCAT-3D []
15:40 Coffee/tea  

Track 2: ESFRI projects.

Chair: Fran├žoise Genova



19:15   End of sessions on day 1
20:00 1st Guided Tour of the Bibliotheca Angelica    
20:30 Dinner
at the Bibliotheca Angelica