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Eleventh e-IRG Delegates Meeting

Friday 12th October, 13:30 - 15:00.

Download agenda [ doc ]


  1. Welcome and introduction of meeting attendants

  2. Approval of agenda

  3. Presentation of the e-IRGSP2 application

    The e-IRG support program (e-IRGSP) has ended at 30th September 2007. A new application (e-IRGSP2) has been submitted to the EC (deadline 20th September 2007). The e-IRGSP2 Deputy Director Matti Heikkurinen will present the application.

    Decision(s): Comments from the delegates.

    Download proposal: [ PDF ]

  4. Letter from ESFRI with invitation to contribute to the ESFRI Roadmap update

    ESFRI has suggested to e-IRG to nominate 2 - 3 members to the ESFRI specific transversal Working Group, which integrates the output of the different Roadmap Working Groups with the e-Infrastructures aspects. Dany Vandromme will give an update about the matter.

    Decision(s): e-IRG needs to nominate 2 - 3 members to the ESFRI group.

    Download letter: [ PDF ]

  5. Recommendations from the Heidelberg Workshop.

    The document with the recommendations from the Heidelberg Workshop in April 2007 is presented by Helmut Löwe. The document as such has already been approved through the comment periods.

    Decision(s): Further actions and usage of the recommendations.

    Download Workshop Summary: [ PDF]
    Executive summary: [ PDF ]

  6. e-IRG Roadmap next update.

    The Roadmap update was presented at the Bonn meeting in June 2007. A comment period was decided. After the deadline the comments have been implemented and the final version is presented.

    Decision(s): Further actions and usage of the Roadmap.

    Download 2007 e-Infrastructures Roadmap: [ PDF ]

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