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Fifteenth e-IRG Meeting Agenda 22nd October, 2008, Paris France

  1. Election of the e-IRG Chair for 2009 - 2010.
    • According to the e-IRG bylaws:
      • "The designation of the Chair is prepared by a search committee which is formed by three e-IRG delegates from three different countries. The search committee should not include representatives from the same states as any confirmed candidates for Chair. The e-IRG plenum will discuss the proposal(s) of the search committee and reach a consensus. Renewing the term of the acting Chair is also by consensus."
      • "The incoming or renewed Chair should be confirmed at the penultimate meeting of the sitting Chair, to take over responsibility in due time."
    • Dany Vandromme as the chair of the search committee is responsible for this agenda item.
    • It is time for the search committee to bring you some preliminary information about the chair election to be organized at the next Delegate meeting in Paris on October 22nd. There are two nominated candidates, who accepted their nomination:
    • Patrick Aerts    [ CV ] [ Candidate Statement ]
    • Leif Laaksonen [ CV ] [ Candidate Statement ]
  2. Task Forces status.
  3. Start of the e-IRG Data management task force (DMTF), Dany Vandromme, RENATER.
    • At the e-IRG Plenum in Lugano June 27 it as agreed that:
      • e-IRG initiates a Data management task force with Dany Vandromme as the initial chairman of the task force.
      • The task force will report to the e-IRG plenum after the first stage of its operations (as outlined in the Terms of Reference) so that the e-IRG can review the scoping decisions made by the TF.
  4. Fotis Karayannis and Matti Heikkurinen, e-IRGSP2
    • The e-IRG Plenum decided in Lugano June 27 that the White Paper work can go forward, based on the documents presented.
    • Fotis Karayannis and Matti Heikkurinen present the current version of the White Paper for the Plenum for discussion and comments to be able to finish the work.
    • Please find linked version 1.0 of the White Paper 2008. This is still a work in progress and especially some of the sections need further work. We still have around 2 months for the completion of the main WP core and then some extra time for the recommendations.
    • Please go through it and provide as many comments and directions at this stage, so that we can improve the white paper.
    • White Paper 2008 version 1.0 [ PDF ] [ MS Word doc ]
    • Presentation by Fotis Karayannis [ PDF ]
    • Time plan:
      • e-IRG white paper editor: 2nd version November 2008
      • For e-IRG board (November 10th) and e-IRG plenum review (November 24th- 2 weeks before Paris)
      • Discussion at the Paris meeting: 8th December 2008
      • Comments by e-IRG plenum: 2 weeks after Paris: 22nd December 2008
      • e-IRG white paper editor: 3rd version 4 weeks after Paris: January 9th
      • Public consultation: 6 weeks
      • Recommendations: Start work in 2009
  5. Events and activities presented for discussion to the Plenum (Ms. Nadezda Witzanyova, Czech Ministry of Education)
  6. White paper status.
  7. Planning the next e-IRG activities during the Czech presidency (1H/2009).