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1st eInfrastructures Event Book

08:30-09:00 Registration and Coffee
09:00-09:10 Welcoming of participants and greetings
Evangelos Bouboukas Director,National Documentation Centre

Session 1: New challenges for Europe on eInfrastructures
09:10-09:25 eInfrastructures and ERIA
Dimitris Deniozos General Secretary for Research and Technology,Ministry of Development, Greece
09:25-09:40 Broadband & eInfrastructures: a path to Regional Development and Information Society [ pdf ]
Yannis Kalogirou Secretary for the Information Society, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Greece
09:40-09:55 Global eInfrastructures – The EU leading the way [ pdf ]
Spyros Konidaris Advisor to the Director General, European Commission, - DG INFSO

Session 2: EU perspectives
09:55-10:10 The EU eInfrastructure initiative
Mario Campolargo Head of Unit, European Commission – DG INFSO
10:10-10:25 Policy aspects in support of the EU eInfrastructure Initiative [ pdf ]
Jean-Louis Picqué European Commission - DG Research
10:25-10:40 Towards a common European Networking and Grids infrastructure area - next challenges [ pdf ]
Kyriakos Baxevanidis Scientific Officer, European Commission - DG INFSO [ pdf ]

Session 3: A European Networking/NREN perspective
10:40-10:55 Moving Towards European Research Area: the two sides of the Coin
Fernando Liello Chairman, European NREN Consortium Chairman
10:55-11:10 An eInfrastructure in Europe: A European NREN perspective [ pdf ]
Dany Vandromme Director, RENATER
11:10-11:25 European NRENs and GTREN [ pdf ]
Vasilis Maglaris Chairman, GRNET
11:25-11:40 Research networks and the new regulatory framework – competing public priorities? [ pdf ]
Claire Milne Antelope Consulting [ pdf ]

Session 4: National/regional initiatives
11:40-11:55 Building a European eInfrastructure: The urgent need for an Open Middleware
Tony Hey Director, e-Science Core Programme, EPSRC
11:50-12:05 How to build an inexpensive production Grid infrastructure? [ pdf ]
Peter Kacsuk MTA SZTAKI
12:00-12:10 The role of local and regional coordination [ pdf ]
Manuel Delfino Director, Port d'Informació Cientifica (PIC)
12:10-12:20 The Grid Infrastructure in Italy [ pdf ]
Mirco Mazzucato Director of Research, INFN
12:20-12:30 The promotion of an eScience environment: a view from eSciencepark Amsterdam [ pdf ]
Walter Hoogland Dean Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam
12:30-13:30 Lunch break + Press conference
13:30-13:40 CEGC: view from local, regional and European perspective [ pdf ]
Aleksander Kusznir Deputy Director Cracow Academic Computer Center
13:40-13:50 Perspectives of Grids and e-Science in Germany [ pdf ]
Marcel Kunze Grid-Computing Kompetenzzentrum, Karlsruhe
13:50-14:00 Grid deployment and support – the NGC, EGSC and SweGrid initiatives [ pdf ]
Lennart Johnsson PDC, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden [ pdf ]

Session 5: Application initiatives
14:00-14:15 Grids and LHC, towards a first global Grid Prototype
Hans Falk Hoffmann Director, Technology Transfer & Scientific Computing, CERN
14:15-14:30 Towards a common European market for computing and data [ pdf ]
Fabrizio Gagliardi DataGrid General Manager, CERN
14:30-14:45 The Grid – Challenging HPC infrastructure provision in Europe [ pdf ]
Mark Parsons Commercial Director, EPCC and NeSC [ pdf ]
14:45-15:15 Coffee Break

Session 6: Conclusions
15:15-18:00 Open discussion and wrap-up
Spyros Konidaris -
Mario Campolargo -
Jean-Louis Picqué -
Dany Vandromme -
Vasilis Maglaris -
Tony Hey -
Hans-Falk Hoffman -
18:00-18:30 Grid technology showcase - Teravision- A Virtual Collaboration Environment technology
Electronic Visualization Lab University of Chicago/GRNET