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overview of previous delegates meetings and meeting minutes - visible for delegates only (password protected)

->   Decisions and actions from the meeting [pdf]

Agenda of the 45th e-IRG delegates meeting in Amsterdam on 20-21 June 2016. (single page pdf, full agenda package pdf)

Monday 20 June - Amsterdam Science Park

12:00-13:00 arrival and light lunch

13:00-18:00 delegates meeting - part 1

1) Opening

2) Approval of the Agenda

3) Summary and conclusions of the 44th e-IRG delegates meeting

4) Reports and News

     * Report from the Chair [pdf]

     * Report from the Commission

     * Report from ESFRI

     * Report from the support programme

     * Report from the countries

5) Collaboration with ESFRI and other initiatives

     * The ESFRI Roadmap 2018 process

     * ESFRI working group on national investment strategies

     * Joint e-IRG ESFRI booth at the ICRI2016

     * Collaboration with RDA

6) Restructuring of DG CONNECT and its effects for e-IRG and e-Infrastructures

7) Search Committee for the next e-IRG Chair

[18:00-19:30 time to go to hotels]

19:30-21:30 boat trip (boarding and off boarding in the City Center), including dinner buffet

Tuesday 21 June - Amsterdam Science Park

09:00-13:00 delegates meeting - part 2

8) e-IRG Policy Efforts

    * Roadmap

    * KPI document

    * Long-tail of science

    * Guidelines document on the long-term preservation of scientific data

9) e-IRG Action Plan

10) Activities under Slovakian EU Presidency

11) Activities under Maltese EU Presidency

12) AoB

13) Closing

13:00- 14:00 light lunch and departure