Overview of previous delegates meetings and meeting minutes - visible for delegates only (password protected)

Agenda 63rd e-IRG Delegates Meeting

virtual meeting

Presentation of the meeting (PDF)

Thursday, 3 December 2020


ZOOM Meeting Room Opening 

10:00 – 10:10
  1. Opening (10 min)
10:10 – 10:40 Report session (30 min):
  1. Conclusions from the previous Delegates Meeting (10 min)
    Additional Information: Draft Minutes from the 62nd e-IRG Delegates Meeting (PDF)
  2. Reports and News (20 min)
    • Report from the countries
    • Report form ESFRI (will take place in the afternoon slot)
10:40 – 12:10

Future activities (90 min)

  1. Prospect of e-IRG (30 min)
    • Report from the developments in the shadow RI PC
    • Additional Infomation:
      • Value of e-IRG and prospect (PDF)
      • e-IRG prospect (PDF)
      • e-IRG mandate under Horizon Europe (PDF)


  1. The e-IRG Workshops (30 min)
  • Format of the workshops, aligned with e-IRG mandate
  • Aftermath of workshop
    • Reuse of input received from the presentations
    • Findings and conclusions
    • Communication of workshop results (communiqué)
    • Promotion of the e-IRG mandate
    • General dissemination issues
    • The Programme Committee under Portuguese Presidency
  1. Presentation of Ad Emmen: communication plan, outlook of dissemination activities for the next semester - The e-IRG Support Project (the strategic point of view) (15 min)
  2. Communication with Delegates, settings of bilateral communication (15min)
    • Monitoring of communication within the e-IRG Delegates
    • Policy advising activities
12:10 – 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 – 16:00
  1. Next e-IRG Document
    • 2 brainstorm sessions
    • Proposed White Paper structure (doc) and Terms of Reference (doc)
  2. Activities under Portuguese EU Presidency (10 min)
  3. Wrap-up of the day and future activities
  4. AoB
  5. Closing

New documents related to e-Infrastructures

  • EOSC: Landscape of EOSC-related infrastructures and initiatives: report from the EOSC executive Version 2 (Link)
  • EOSC: Solutions for a Sustainable EOSC (formally know as Iron Lady) (Link)
  • EOSC: Report from the EOSC Symposium 2020 (Link)
  • GAIA-X: Technical Architecture (Link) (GAIA-X Publications: link)
  • OECD: Optimising the operation and use of national research infrastructures (Link)
  • OECD: Business models for sustainable research data repositories (Link)
  • EC: The European Data Market Monitoring Tool (Link)
  • EC: Energy-efficient Cloud Computing Technologies and Policies for an Eco-friendly Cloud Market (Link)
  • NEW EC: Reproducibility of scientific results in the EU (Link)

The long read (Christmas break is approaching)

  • WBGU flagship report: Towards our Common Digital Future (Link)
  • FI Ministry of Transport and Communication: The ICT sector, climate and environment (Link)


24-25 Nov. 2020 12th Plenary PLAN-E Meeting, Virtual Conference
1-2 Dec. 2020 e-IRG Workshop (Link)
3 Dec. 2020 e-IRG Delegates Meeting (Link)
2-4 June 2021 International Conference on Research Infrastructures - ICRI 2021, Ottowa, Canada

Please send in the Conflict of Interest Involvement Form (http://e-irg.eu/coi#involvement) if you have not done so far.