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PRACE to publish position paper on EuroHPC

The PRACE position paper entitled "PRACE in the EuroHPC Era" advocates for a strong partnership between EuroHPC and PRACE, including key partners from the European ICT landscape.

The development of the European HPC-ecosystem was initiated and pursued by the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) and its 26 partners in the past ten years. PRACE today offers a wide range of high-end services and develops most innovative future services, especially in the area of federated Big Data analysis, joining with GÉANT to coordinate activities and to support the European Data Initiative.

"PRACE and EuroHPC have missions that complement each other perfectly: While EuroHPC operates from top to bottom with high-level funding instruments, PRACE is a science-driven infrastructure developed as a bottom-up activity", stated Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Lippert, Chair of the PRACE Council. "Bringing the two together in a strong partnership will create optimal synergies for the benefit of the European scientific and industrial communities", he added.

Over the last ten years, PRACE and its partners have given national HPC eco-systems a common European umbrella which is recognised as an ESFRI Landmark since 2016.

"The great challenge ahead is the federated provision and joint scientific support of resources on EuroHPC's pre-exascale and petascale systems as well as on exascale systems in the future, along with the cycles from national Tier-0 and Tier-1 systems", stated Serge Bogarts, PRACE Managing Director. "By pooling our creative forces and experience in Europe, we will achieve global leadership in technology, scientific, industrial and societal application of HPC", he added.

The Position Paper can be found on the PRACE website and will be disseminated to stakeholders in the European HPC eco-system.