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Agenda 9.30 - 17.30

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Introduction Mario Campolargo
Summary of Rome eIRG Meeting Dr.Mirco Mazzucato
Past Presidency organizer
Administrative Issues
Relation with the Support Team
Endorsement Process
Dr.Richard Hirsh
current eIRG Chair
Grid Policy Management Authority Dr.David Kelsey
TF-AACE TACAR Repository Dr.Diego Lopez
Registry/Repository/Questionnaire/Database TBA
White Paper Fotis Karayannis
Chief White Paper Editor
Workshop conclusions Dr.Richard Hirsh
current eIRG Chair
Future Directions
Priorities and next steps
Workplan for 2004
Next Event in The Netherlands
Following Event in Luxembourg
Dr.Brian Coghlan
current Presidency organizer
Dr.Kors Bos
next Presidency organizer
Dr.Kyriakos Baxevanidis




the Irish Office of Science and Techology (OST)
under the aegis of the Irish Presidency of the European Union
and in co-operation with the European Commission

is planning further initiatives to progress the discussions on Grid-empowered infrastructure to create new enhanced facilities for performing research and for fostering innovation in Europe.

In this context a new event is scheduled for the 15th and 16th April, 2004, in Dublin, on the initiative of the Irish EU Presidency and in co-operation with the European Commission, with the main objectives to:

  • Create more awareness on the eInfrastructure initiative and involve other important actors currently missing from earlier initiatives.
  • Discuss next steps and actions in the context of a policy and administrative framework in Europe that would cross technological, administrative and national domains.
  • Intensively discuss policies at the funding, sharing and user levels.
  • Discuss a concrete policy proposal relating to grid authentication and a way forward for grid authorization policies.
  • Discuss better links and synergies between Europe and other regions (e.g. US, Japan) that are engaging in similar activities.
  • In these ways facilitate and support the next meeting of the eInfrastructure Reflection Group.


One of the primary goals of the meeting, at which key players in the construction of the EU eInfrastructure will be present, is to review the perspectives and the technical and political issues related to the usage of the eInfrastructure for Science and Society at the national, European and international level.