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Agenda for the e-IRG Delegates Closed Meeting:

Monday, April 10, 09:00-12:00

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Download proposal

  1. Welcome and introduction of meeting attendants

    Download overview of delegates, replacements, observers

  2. Approval of agenda

    Download agenda

  3. Approval of previous minutes (from e-IRG Delegates Meeting in London, UK)
    • Minor modifications have been applied
  4. Actions and matters arising
  5. Report: EU Project BELIEF - cooperation with e-IRG
  6. Report: HPC initiatives in Europe
    • Report from Brussels meeting (March 21)
    • Report from Rome meeting (April 4)
  7. Report: Status of cooperation with ESFRI
    • Nomination of chairman and members of ESFRI Expert Group CDT (Computing and Data Treatment)
    • Clarification of observer role of Neil Geddes
  8. Nominations of e-IRG Task Forces
    • Task Force on Training and Education: Chair + Members
    Download proposal
  9. Nominations for e-IRG White Paper
    • Chief Editor + Section Editors
  10. Discussion: e-IRG Modus Operandi
    • Status and cooperation with e-IRGSP
    • e-IRG Bylaws
    • e-IRG White Paper and Roadmap Process
  11. Report: Status of Findings of Task Force on Sustainable e-Infrastructures (SeI)
    • Presentation of draft paper (by TF chair: Leif Laaksonen)
    Download draft paper
    • Discussion of contents
    • Discussion and agreement of process for finalization
    Download proposal
  12. Outlook to next meeting: Vienna, June 6, 2006
  13. AOB