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Thirteenth e-IRG Delegates Meeting

e-IRG delegates meeting 13:30 - 15:30 Friday 25 April 2008.

The process of generating the white paper and roadmap documents is one of the most important ways for the e-IRG to engage with the broadest possible e-IRG community in order to seek development trends and develop a common vision for the consensus recommendations. The white paper and the roadmap are updated on a 24 month cycle, with white paper and roadmap being revised during alternative years.

One of the milestones for the e-IRG Support Programme 2 during 2008 is to support e-IRG in creating the White paper. To be able to complete this task the e-IRG plenum is suggested to agree about the process and nominate the responsible White paper editor. To support in this process the Swiss presidency and e-IRGSP2 has produced two supporting documents.

  • White paper ToR 2008 [ pdf ]
  • White paper work plan 2008 [ pdf ]
  • Next version of the e-IRG vision document [ pdf ]


  1. Welcome and introduction of meeting attendants

  2. Approval of agenda

  3. Discussion and decision about the e-IRG White paper 2008

    • Decision about the White paper 2008 process.
    • Decision about the White paper 2008 editor.
  4. e-IRG Chairman election process

  5. AOB