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Fourteenth e-IRG Delegates Meeting

e-IRG delegates meeting June 26th and 27th in Lugano. The meeting began with social dinner on Thursday evening, June 26th and continued on Friday, June 27th.


Agenda for the e-IRG plenum 27th June 2008 (v. 13.6.2008)
  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Minutes from the Lisbon and Zurich meetings (Lisbon , Zurich)
  4. Actions and matters arising
  5. Report from the e-IRG chair - Leif laaksonen
  6. Status on the e-IRG recommendations from the
  7. e-IRG Support programme 2 (e-IRGSP2)
    • Project status - Leif Laaksonen
    • Deliverables completed but not necessary approved by the European Commission
      • D2.1 (pdf) (e-IRGSP2 service description – policy support, M2) - Matti Heikkurinen
      • D5.1 (pdf) (Stakeholder analysis, M2) - Rossend Llurba/Ana Bela Dias
      • D1.1 (e-IRGSP2 process description, M3) - Leif Laaksonen
      • D3.1 (Dissemination plan, M3) - Katja Rauhansalo/Leif Laaksonen
      • D5.2 (pdf) (First Knowledge Base survey, M3) - Ana Bela Dias/Rossend Llurba
      • D3.2 (Dissemination package and website (updated every 6 months), M5) - Katja Rauhansalo/Leif Laaksonen
  8. Decisions about the search committee for the e-IRG Chair for 2009 - 2010 - Dany Vandromme/NN
    • The e-IRG Plenum will decide about the Chair at the meeting during the French Presidency in connection with the e-IRG Workshop in October 2008.
  9. e-IRG Task Force status
    • Discussion and decisions for the active Education and training task force - Malcolm Atkinson: Cover letter and ETTF Report
    • Discussion and decisions for the planned e-IRG Data management task force - Matti Heikkurinen: ToR
  10. Discussion and decisions for the e-IRG and Community Computing Consortium (CCC) collaboration - Marie-Christine Sawley
  11. Decisions on the e-IRG Observers for the next two years - Leif Laaksonen
    • The e-IRG Board suggests at this time no observers but encourages a broad discussion among the e-IRG delegates about the general view of employing observers in the e-IRG work.
  12. e-IRG White Paper status - Fotis Karayannis: White Paper Topics and White Paper Skeleton
  13. Discussions and decisions on the e-IRG Vision - Matti Heikkurinen/Fotis Karayannis: e-IRG Vision
  14. Status report from e-IRG delegates taking part in:
    • ESFRI Roadmap update and participation in the eIWG - Dieter Kranzlmueller, Neil Geddes and Sergi Girona.
    • European Research Area Board (ERAB) - Lajos Balint.
  15. Outlook to the next semester 2H/2008 - Dany Vandromme/NN: Presentation
  16. AOB