If you are not able to attend please send in your apologies here

Registration for the closed e-IRG delegtes meeting on 22 May 2019 is now open for e-IRG delegates, observers, invited guests and e-IRGSP6. In order to see the registration form below, you will need to sign in first to be able to register for the closed delegates meeting.

Please note the following:

In order to gain access to CERN, you must also register via the CERN Indico system. (instructions on pdf ).
For those delegates who already did sign up for the e-IRG workshop, went through this two-step registration already, they don't need to register again through the Indico system for getting access to the CERN entrance.

Please register for the closed delegates meeting below - this is needed.

Sinulla ei ole tarvittavia rooleja tähän portlettiin.