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Ninth e-IRG meeting

Every six months, the e-IRG members meet to discuss in depth on new common policies in order to provide relevant recommendations on the shared use of electronic resources in Europe. The next meeting of the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group during the Finnish presidency will be on Monday November 20th in Helsinki.


The meeting starts at 9:00 and ends by 16:00.

  1. Welcome and introduction of meeting attendants

    Overview of participants

  2. Approval of agenda
  3. Approval of previous minutes

    Download minutes from e-IRG Delegates Meeting in Keilaniemi [PDF]

  4. Actions and matters arising
  5. Election of e-IRG chair
    Dieter Kranzlmueller

    Download  txt

  6. Presentation on ESFRI Roadmap
    Eeva Ikonen (member of the ESFRI Executive Board)

    Download ESFRI Roadmap: PDF
    Download presentation Eeva Ikonen :  pdf

  7. e-IRG Roadmap Update
    Michiel Leenaars

    Download presentation:  pdf

    Visit current state at e-IRG wiki

  8. e-IRG endorsements Finnish Presidency

    Download proposed recommendations and decisions:  pdf

  9. Report: e-IRG Task Force on Data Management
    Allan Foster
  10. Outlook to next semester
    Wolfgang Gentzsch

    Download presentation:  pdf

  11. AOB
    • Announcement of EGI workshop by Dieter Kranzlmueller

    Download presentation: pdf


The meeting was held at the ministry of education in Finland:

Ministry of Education
Meritullinkatu 1, Helsinki