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e-IRG Delegates Meeting

Tuesday, June 6, 09:00-16:00


Festsaal of the Palais Hardegg, Freyung 1, A-1010
Vienna, Austria.

The main focus of the meeting is on three specific points:

  • to discuss the latest developments with respect to our efforts on sustainable e-infrastructures
  • to discuss the draft Austrian e-IRG White Paper and the process for approval
  • to discuss possible optimizations for the future operations and procedures of e-IRG

Other issues on the agenda: update and status of the discussion with ESFRI, a series of communication matters and an outlook on the upcoming events during the Finnish EU Presidency.

Download the concept minutes of this meeting

Agenda for the e-IRG Delegates Closed Meeting

Tuesday, June 6, 09:00-16:00

Notetaker: will be provided by e-IRGSP.

  1. Welcome and introduction of meeting attendants
    Download attendee list
  2. Approval of agenda
    Download this agenda
  3. Approval of previous minutes (from e-IRG Delegates Meeting in Linz, Austria)
  4. Actions and matters arising
  5. Report: Status of cooperation with ESFRI
    • Latest communications between ESFRI and e-IRG
    • Draft ESFRI Roadmap (as provided by Neil Geddes)
    • Discussion about the future cooperation with ESFRI
  6. Report: Task Force on Sustainable e-Infrastructures (SeI)
    • Latest communications on this topic
    • Discussion of procedure for possible submission to member states
  7. Austrian e-IRG White Paper
    • Overview presentation by the Chief Editor (Fotis Karayannis)
    • Proposed procedure for approval of e-IRG White Paper
  8. Discussion: e-IRG Modus Operandi
    • Status of plans for future e-IRG leadership (Helmut Loewe)
    • Update on e-IRG mandate and representation
    • Discussion of e-IRG Bylaws
    • e-IRG White Paper and Roadmap Process
  9. Presentation of meeting plans during Finnish e-IRG Chairmanship
  10. AOB