Overview of previous delegates meetings and meeting minutes - visible for delegates only (password protected)

Agenda 61st e-IRG Delegates Meeting  

virtual meeting (the link to the video conference has been send by email)

Slides of the presentation (PDF)

Wednesday, 27 May 2020



Video Conference open for delegates to enter the meetign room for the e-IRG meeting before the official start.


Official start of the e-IRG meeting

10:00 - 11:45

1) Welcome and Opening (10 min)

  • Welcome by the e-IRG Chair
  • Approval of the Agenda

2) Conclusions of the 59th Delegates Meeting (20 min)

  • Approval of the minutes of the 59th DM (PDF)

3) Discussion on the next e-IRG policy document and feedback to ongoing e-Infrastructure activities (together 60 min)

Additional information: e-IRG to publish a statement after each presidency
Proposal for a statement: (20 min)

  • e-IRG semestral statement (after each presidency)
  • Topics for first release:
    • lifelong learning and future skills in the e-Infrastructure domain
    • How AI impacts e-Infrastructures 

Additional information: e-IRG policy work, discussion on next outcome
Proposal for documents: (40 min)

  • National Nodes follow-up with best practices
  • e-IRG document about partnerships in the e-Infrastructure landscape
  • e-IRG reflections on EOSC processes
  • Statement on possible cooperation of EOSC andEuroHPC/EDI (long-term activity)
  • The role of e-Infrastructures in emergency situations such as pandemics or natural disasters
    • Provision of policy advice recommendations to the EC and the Member States
    • May have a short-term perspective for the Covid-19 pandemic, but also a long-term perspective with lessons learnt from the pandemic and future similar or other cases such as natural disasters
  4) e-IRG café + webinars (15 min)

Additional information: new formats of interaction (for discussion)

  • Café: periodical virtual round table discussion for e-IRG delegates on a specific topic
  • Webinars: open discussion with stakeholders on specific topics

11:45 - 13:00

Lunch break (at home)

13:00 - 14:30

5) Reports and News (25 Min)

Additional information: reports from delegates and the support programme

  • Report from ESFRI
  • Countries
  • Support programme
    • Informal feedback from e-IRGSP6 mid-term review
    • Sustaining e-IRG support

6) Insights into the development of EOSC (25 Min)

Additional information: EOSC is the implementation of the e-Infrastructure Commons concept, observations of the development.

Relevant material and request for input from participants:

  • Report from the Landscape WG validation workshop (Ivan Maric, Sverker Holmgren, Paolo Budroni, Arjen van Rijn)
  • EOSC WG documents
    • FAIR WG - Interim recommendations on FAIR Metrics for EOSC (PDF)
    • FAIR WG - Interim recommendations on certifying the services required to enable FAIR research outputs within EOSC (PDF)
    • Sustainability WG - Rules of Participation report (PDF)
    • Sustainability WG - "Tinman" report (PDF, feedback from SP6 (PDF))
    • NEW  EOSC Interoperability Framework (PDF)
  • Statement from EOSC GB members (Laurent Crouzet, Hanifeh Khayyeri, Ivan Maric, Stefan Hanslik, Peter Sterle, Peter Brönnimann, Mehmet Mirat Satoglu, )

7) Development of the ERA (10 Min)

Additional information: e-IRG was recognised under the ERA priority 2B (Make optimal use of public investments in research infrastructures), new developments in the priority setting and the narrative are discussed

  • ERAC Opinion on the future of the ERA (PDF)
  • Opinion of the ERAC SWG OSI on Open Science (PDF)

8) Activities under German EU Presidency (10 min)

Additional information: foresight on e-IRG events under German EU Presidency

  • Virtual meeting in September (around 22.-23. September)
  • Workshop and Delegates Meeting in November/December

9) AoB (10min)

  • EC White Paper „On Artificial Intelligence – A European approach to excellence and trust" (PDF)
  • EC Communication „A European strategy for data" (PDF)
  • German Council for Scientific Information Infrastructures publication "The Data Quality Challenge - Recommendations for Sustainable Research in the Digital Turn" (PDF)

10) Closing (10 min)


Please send in the Conflict of Interest Involvement Form (http://e-irg.eu/coi#involvement) if you have not done so far.