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e-IRG events under preparation - Croatia e-IRG events under preparation - Croatia

closed e-IRG meeting (1st): 17-18 March 2020 (Zagreb)
closed e-IRG meeting (2nd) and open e-IRG workshop: 25-27 May 2020 (Zagreb)

Past e-IRG events - Finnish EU Presidency Past e-IRG events - Finnish EU Presidency

Fall 2019 Magazine (PDF) Fall 2019 Magazine (PDF)

Meet us at Meet us at

You can meet e-IRG delegates or e-IRGSP6 representatives at the following events during the coming months.

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Videos from the latest e-IRG workshop Videos from the latest e-IRG workshop

About e-IRG About e-IRG

Mission and Vision

e-IRG is a strategic body to facilitate integration in the area of European e-Infrastructures and connected services, within and between member states, at the European level and globally.

The mission of e-IRG is to support both coherent, innovative and strategic European e-Infrastructure policymaking and the development of convergent and sustainable e-Infrastructure services.

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Video introducing e-IRG Video introducing e-IRG

News News

Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) invites consortia consisting of e-infrastructure providers, developers, researchers and related communities around the Nordic region to propose
The European Commission has launched a project tasked with increasing demand and widening the user base for EOSC services, data and resources by developing and improving the functionality of the EOSC
At the e-IRG Open Workshop in Helsinki, Finland, we had the chance to talk to e-IRG Delegate Ivan Maric from the University of Zagreb Computing Centre (SRCE) in Croatia. Ivan Maric wears many hats. He
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