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Agenda 9.30 - 17.30

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Terms of Reference

Introduction Mario Campolargo
Input received from Germany after the meeting Frank Schlie-Roosen
Rodiger Krahl


eIRG Mission
Relation with existing European Groups

IRG objectives

eIRG organization
Chair, Role of EU Presidencies, Number of representatives

Relation with the support team

Contributions by

Dany Vandromme
Tony Hey
Anders Ynnerman
Vasilis Maglaris

White Paper Fotis Karayannis
Workshop conclusions Ian Bird (in preparation)
Approved conclusions on eIRG mission, objectives, organization

Dany Vandromme's slides on
Mission of eIRG

eIRG conclusion document (. doc )

Priorities and next steps  
Workplan for 2004  
Next event in Ireland Brian Coghland