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Sixteenth e-IRG Meeting Agenda

The meeting will take place 10:00-16:00.Agenda:
  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Minutes from the Lugano and Paris meetings [Lugano] [Paris,Paris appendixes]
  4. Actions and matters arising
    • Satisfaction questionnaire for the e-IRG delegates.
  5. Report from the e-IRG chair - Leif Laaksonen [pdf]
  6. Non-Session (no minutes: national issues, contacts, plans, activities)
  7. e-IRG Support programme 2 (e-IRGSP2)
  8. Project status - Leif Laaksonen
  9. Deliverables completed but not necessary approved by the European Commission
    • D1.1 [pdf] e-IRGSP2 process description, M3 [ Summary]- Leif Laaksonen;
    • D3.1 [pdf] Dissemination plan,[ Summary] - Katja Rauhansalo/Leif Laaksonen;
    • D3.2 [pdf] Dissemination package and website (updated every 6 months), M5[ Summary] - Katja Rauhansalo/Leif Laaksonen;
    • D5.3 [pdf] Knowledge Base prototype, M9 [ Summary] - Ad Emmen;
  10. Presentation by Kyriakos Baxevanidis [ ppt ]
  11. How the e-IRG members can execute the vision and mission?
    • Updated e-IRG mission and vision document [ pdf]
  12. What are the areas where the e-IRG recommendations can have an impact?
  13. e-IRG international collaboration and goals to achieve?
    • Draft letter to Ed Seidel at the US Cyberinfrastructure Office [ letter ]
  14. e-IRG Roadmap draft plan for 2009 and planned impact
  15. Roadmap presentation [ pdf ]
  16. Roadmap Tor [ pdf ]
  17. e-IRG White paper 2008 and 2010 planned impact and goals
  18. e-IRG Support Programme 2
  19. Support to the European e-Infrastructure initiatives (EGI, GEANT, DEISA, DRIVER, PRACE...)
  20. Stakeholder spreadsheet collected by e-IRGSP2 WP5 [ file ]
  21. Stakeholder contacts and follow up
  22. Plans for the next e-IRG support activity after 2010
  23. Present the next version of the White paper and the timeplan for its finalisation and publication
    • Discussion at the Paris meeting: 8th December 2008
    • Comments by e-IRG plenum: 2 weeks after Paris: 22nd December 2008
    • e-IRG white paper editor: 3rd version 4 weeks after Paris: January 9th
    • Public consultation: 6 weeks
    • Look into the option of an attractive layout for publication;
    • Recommendations: Start work in 2009
  24. Discuss the content of the sections of the White paper
  25. Are all sections mature?
  26. What are the changes needed?
  27. Similar to the White paper process, involving section editors
  28. Identify priorities between sections
  29. Volunteers from the e-IRG delegates
  30. Further support from the e-IRGSP2 consortium
  31. Is the current content of the Grid and Cloud section sufficiently mature that we can proceed with the collaboration and publication of a GridBriefing document (see example: | pdf)
  32. The GridBriefing on Cloud and Grid computing is expected by 15th of January 2009
    • The GridBriefing draft on Cloud computing [ doc ]
  33. When the White Paper is in public consultation (planned for January 12th), how should e-IRG ask external parties to refer to it if they use it as a source? e.g. "an approved e-IRG White Paper entering the final consultation round".
  34. Discuss the process for extracting the recommendations
  35. Proposal for the publication of a Grid and Cloud document based on the White paper by the GridTalk project
  36. e-IRG White Paper 1.6 [ pdf ]
  37. e-IRG White Paper 1.6 [ doc ]
  38. e-IRG White Paper 1.6 with Track Changes [ doc ]
  39. e-IRG White Paper 1.6 with Track Changes from version 1.0 [ doc ]
  40. e-IRG Data management task force (DMTF) was launched during the e-IRG Workshop in Paris and has started to work.
  41. DMTF subscribers [ pdf ]
  42. Draft ToR DMTF [ doc ]
  43. Membership and participation [ excel ]
  44. Presentation by Dany Vandromme [ ppt]
  45. Status for drafting the Work Programme covering 2010 - 2011 for Unit INFSO/F3 (GEANT and e-Infrastructure)- Kyriakos Baxevanidis
  46. Discussions and decisions on e-IRG mission and vision
  47. e-IRG White Paper status - Fotis Karayannis and Matti Heikkurinen [pdf]
  48. e-IRG Task Force status (DMTF)- Dany Vandromme
  49. AOB