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Closed e-IRG delegates meeting in Uppsala, 16 October 2009

DRAFT Agenda:

  1. Opening of the meeting.
  2. Approval of draft agenda.
  3. Summary and conclusions of the 18th Meeting
  4. Actions and matters arising
    • Report from the e-IRG chair
    • News from the member countries and the Commission
    • Updated list of Ministers responsible for e-Infrastructure matters (xls)
  5. The implicit and explicit goals e-IRG has publicly set for itself - successes and actions to take
    • What we have committed to do - documented goals from the recommendations, implicit promises made.
    • Are there new goals we should declare?
    • Evaluation of the e-IRG work and success stories.
    • Actions to take in the future.
    • Need to update e-IRG bylaws?
  6. e-IRG liasoin and collaboration with other organisations
    • Current status and actions to be taken with ESFRI (letter,annex).
    • Approach by the European e-Infrastructure Forum (EFF) (letter,annex).
    • Bringing the e-Infrastructure matters on the Competitiveness Council agenda.
    • Status of linking with the Office for Cyberinfrastructure (OCI) is the USA.
    • Status of linking with the Future Internet (FIRE) initiative.
    • Collaboration with BELIEF.
  7. e-IRG e-Infrastructure Roadmap for discussion.
    • e-IRG e-Infrastructure Roadmap (pdf).
  8. e-IRG task force on data management, final report for e-IRG to approve.
    • Dany Vandromme presents the plan to finalize the report.
    • The interim task force report from 17th June 2009 (pdf)
  9. Non-Session (no minutes: national issues, contacts, plans, activities)
    • Reflections on how e-IRG is going to go about accomplishing the goals.
    • Discussion about how the e-IRGSP2 input can best serve the e-IRG work.
  10. Discussion and actions to be taken to secure the processing of the next e-IRG White Paper, scheduled for 2010.
    • Discussion and decisions about the goals for the next White Paper and actions to be taken to achive these goals.
    • Proposal document for action (pdf).
  11. Next steps and decisions to be taken for the e-IRG support programme e-IRGSP3.
    • Patrick Aerts presents the actions take.
      • Draft proposal (pdf).
  12. AOB
  13. Closing of the meeting.