The following main themes about 'Infrastructures in the Digital Age: the Data Challenge' and 'e-Infrastructure commons' have been discussed in two tracks.


Monday, November 4th - Day 1  (8:30-18:00)


Time Speaker Title
08:30 Registration  

Sverker Holmgren (e-IRG Chair)

Welcome address; goals of the workshop [ pdf ]
09:10 Marijus Jurgutis Welcome address [ pdf ]

Chair: Kees Neggers

Track 1: Implementation of the e-Infrastructure commons

09:20 Sverker Holmgren Introduction to the issues to be discussed in the track [ pdf ]
09:40 Arjen van Rijn e-Infrastructure Commons 2020: Integrated services via interoperable infrastructures [ pdf ]



11:00 Steve Robertshaw e-Infrastructure: A view from the edge [ pdf ]
11:30 Antonella Fresa Digital Cultural Heritage moving toward an e-Infrastructure based approach to digital preservation [ pdf ]
12:00 Yannis Ioannidis The e-Infrastructure needs of ESFRI projects [ pdf ]
12:30 Lunch  
14:00   Track 1 continued
14:00 Bob Jones A Vision for European e-Infrastructure for the 21st Century [ pdf ]

Chair: Kees Neggers

Panel Discussion
    Panelists: Arjen van Rijn, Steve Robertshaw, Antonella Fresa, Bob Jones



  Chair: Alf Game

Track 2: Infrastructures in the Digital Age: the Data Challenge

16:00 Alf Game Keynote address
16:25 Sverker Holmgren / Bjorn Henrichsen Result of ESFRI/e-IRG working group on Data Policy [ pdf ]
16:45 Rolf Apweiler (ELIXIR) ELIXIR: European Bioinformatics Research Infrastructure [ pdf ]
17:15 Chris Rawlings (ANAEE and ISBE) The growing challenges of Big Data in the Agricultural and Ecological Sciences [ pdf ]
17:45 End of sessions on Day 1  







Tuesday, November 5th - Day 2  (9:00-12:30)


Time Speaker Title
  Chair: Alf Game

Track 2: Infrastructures in the Digital Age: the Data Challenge

09:00 Damien Lecarpentier (EUDAT) Future steps of European data e-Infrastructures [ pdf ]
09:30 Herman Stehouwer (RDA) Global data infrastructure [ pdf ]
10:00 Kostas Glinos Introduction to Infrastructures in Horizon 2020 [ pdf ]





11:00 Chair: Alf Game Panel discussion


Kostas Glinos, Elena Righi-Steele, Yannis Ioannidis, Sverker Holmgren

12:00 Alf Game Wrap up and conclusions
12:15 Sverker Holmgren Final words




End of Workshop, Lunch