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e-IRG meeting

December 13/14 2005, London

Every six months, the eIRG members meet to discuss in depth on new common policies on order to provide relevant recommendations on the shared use of electronic resources in Europe. Under the UK presidency chaired by dr. Malcolm Read the theme of the meeting will be "interoperability". Interoperability is the key issue for the e-infrastructure to resolve, not just on the technology layers but especially also in the data realm. The meeting will address issues such as data curation, federations of semantic systems for cross-linking, etc.

The meeting will also talk about the e-Infrastructure Roadmap. Members of e-IRG will only be invited to endorse proposals received 2 weeks prior to the meeting. For proposals received after this date, comments or endorsement will be via email until January 8th 2006.

Download all the proposals in one zip-file (PDF format)
(alternatively you can download each document below in a number of other formats)


December 13th

13:00   Arrival and Buffet Lunch
14:00 (1) Welcome and Introduction
14:10 (2) Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising
14:20 (3) A European vision for interoperable e-infrastructure - Malcolm Read
Action: e-IRG will be invited to comment on and endorse the strategic goals outlined.

Download the paper by Malcolm Read:  pdf

14:50 (4) The International Grid Trust Federation: Towards worldwide interoperability in identity management - David Groep
Action: eIRG should note the creation of the IGTF and the European leadership in this area.

Download presentation David Groep:  pdf

15:20   Break
15:50 (5) News from around Europe
ESFRI, D-Grid, ERA-net, OECD
Action: eIRG should note progress across Europe, and is invited to comment on and endorse the proposals on ESFRI, ERAnet and OECD.

Download paper Fotis Karayannis:  pdf

Download presentation Fotis Karayannis:  pdf

17:00 (6) 7th framework programme - Mario Campolargo
Action: eIRG is invited to note the preparations for the 7th Framework Programme
17:15 (7) eInfrastructure Service Provision Model - Kyriakos Baxevanedis

Download:  pdf

17:30 (8) European service provision - Bob Jones (tbc) & discussion
Action: eIRG is invited to comment on the promotion of stronger (unique) national and regional grid infrastructure entities, to note the service provision model proposed by CERN and to advise the commission on a possible specific activity in this direction in FP7.

Download CERN proposal:  pdf

18:30   End of day 1
19:30 (tbc)   Dinner

December 14th

9:00 (9) e-IRG Roadmap - Patrick Aerts
Action: eIRG is invited to comment on the current eIRG roadmap, following  txt over the summer), to advise on areas where a new ICT-based Research Infrastructure has been identified (e.g. European Super Computers) and to endorse the formation of appropriate 'Expert Groups' (a la ESFRI) to advise on the development of such Infrastructures. Where appropriate such expert groups should leverage existing ESFRI groups.
10:00   coffee
10:30 (10) Report from the task force on Integrated Data Management - Alan Foster
Action: eIRG is invited to note the taskforce report.
11:00 (11) Training and Education in Europe - Malcolm Atkinson
Action: eIRG is invited to note the importance of e-infrastructure training across Europe.
11:30 (12) Future Plans - Malcolm Read and Dieter Kranzlmueller
(new task forces, membership, chairmanship, Austrian presidency)
12:00 (13) Summary and AOB
13:00   Close, lunch and departure


The meeting will be held at the Victoria Park Plaza Hotel in London. The meetings will be held in the


The Victoria Park Plaza Hotel
239 Vauxhall Bridge Road
London SW1V 1EQ
Telephone: 44 (0) 20 7769 9999
Fax: 44 (0) 20 7769 9998