Workshop Programme


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The workshop will have three main topics.

  1. The first session will have presentations from members of the Group of European Data Experts on relevant data related topics.
  2. The second session will deal with collaborative services for e-Infrastructure Commons, which is a further step in the realisation of the e-Infrastructure Commons.
  3. The third topic will be the input to the e-IRG Roadmap, a breakout session will give you the opportunity to provide input to the Roadmap, furthermore we will have a session with presentations from various stakeholders providing input to the e-IRG Roadmap from their perspective.
12:00 - 13:00  Registration
15 November 2016



Opening (Sverker Holmgren e-IRG Chair) [pdf]

Welcome address (Ladislav Hluchy, local host, Director of the Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences)

Keynote (Mark Parsons, Secretary General, Research Data Alliance), [pdf]




Data aspects - View of the Group of European Data Experts (GEDE)


15:00 - 15:30  Coffee / tea break



Collaborative Services for e-Infrastructure Commons (Ladislav Hluchy, chair)


Breakout session - Input to the e-IRG Roadmap
Code: #3850

18:00   End of 1st day  

19:00    Dinner at Restaurant Hradna Hviezda. Participants will be transported from the venue to Hradna Hviezda by buses.

16 November 2016



Input to e-IRG Roadmap (Erik Fledderus, chair)

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee / tea break



Round table (Ladislav Hluchy, chair)

  • Rob Hooft: GEDE perspectives,
  • Birgit Schmidt: GEDE perspectives,
  • Dimitrios Koureas: User community perspective,
  • Per Öster: Provider perspective (EU and national),
  • Dorte Olesen: Provider perspective (EU)


12:30   Closing remarks (Sverker Holmgren, e-IRG Chair)