Registered Workshop Participants Registered Workshop Participants

Open e-IRG Workshop in Bratislava on 15-16 November 2016

List of Registered Participants (In alphabetical order by country)

A total of 12 persons have registered online for the workshop updated manually on 25 October

Name Organisation Country
Toivo Raim Ministry of Education and Researc Estonia
Francoise Genova CDS/CNRS France
Jan Wiebelitz e-IRGSP4 Germany
Fotis Karayannis e-IRGSP4 Greece
Marina Carpineti University of Milan - ESFRI Italy
Emanuel Grech Ministry for Education & Employment Malta
Marcin Lawenda PSNC Poland

Juan Miguel González-Aranda

Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness Spain
Andreas Dudler SWITCH Switzerland
Rossend Llurba e-IRGSP4 The Netherlands
Naomi Messing e-IRGSP4 The Netherlands
Dimitris Koureas Natural History Museum London United Kingdom