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Eighth e-IRG meeting

Every six months, the e-IRG members meet to discuss in depth on new common policies in order to provide relevant recommendations on the shared use of electronic resources in Europe. There will be a meeting of the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group on Wednesday October 4th 2006 in Keilanimi (Finland). The purpose of this meeting is to decide about the pending recommendations and further actions for the Austrian White Paper. Other possible matters on the agenda are the ESFRI cooperation, the Roadmap and to continue the discussions on the permanent chairmanship that was started in Vienna.

Slides by e-IRG chair Leif Laaksonen:  pdf


Agenda for the e-IRG Delegates Closed Meeting:

Wednesday, October 4, 09:00-12:00

  1. Welcome and introduction of meeting attendants
  2. Approval of agenda
  3. Approval of previous minutes
  4. Actions and matters arising
  5. Focus: Discussion and decisions of the white paper recommendations - Leif Laaksonen
    • View updated recommendations:  pdf
  6. Report: Status of cooperation with ESFRI - Leif Laaksonen
  7. e-IRG Roadmap process - Leif Laaksonen
    • Appointment Chief  Roadmap Editor
      • Michiel Leenaars is suggested as the chief Roadmap Editor
    • e-IRG Roadmap Process
  8. Discussion: e-IRG Modus Operandi - Leif Laaksonen
    • Arrangement of the e-IRG secretarial work after e-IRGSP
      It was agreed in the Vienna meeting on 6th June 2006:
      • To install an e-IRG leadership (execute board) consisting of 4 persons: a long-term e-IRG Chairman elected for 2 years, a co-chair from the current EU presidency, and 2 vice-chairs from the previous and next EU presidencies.
      • The delegates are invited to submit proposals for financing the intended leadership (focus on expenses, not salary) to the e-IRG Chairman until August 31, 2006.
      • The financing and exact terms and conditions for the intended leadership will be discussed and concluded during the e-IRG Workshop on October 4-5, 2006 in Finland.
      • The suggested model put forward for approval is 
        • the elected chair in the Helsinki meeting 20th November starts the preparation for an EC project for at least 3 years.
        • The EC call is opened in January-February 2007.
  9. Report: e-IRG Task Force on Data Management - Allan Foster
  10. Report: e-IRG Task Force on Training and Education - Malcolm Atkinson
    • View presentation in  pdf
  11. Report: Report: High Performance Computing in Europe Taskforce (HET) - Leif Laaksonen
  12. Presentation of Research on National Grid Initiatives - Fotis Karayannis
    • NGI Policy Workshop - Summary for the e-IRG ( pdf)
  13. Outlook to next meeting: Helsinki, November 20, 2006
  14. AOB

There will be another meeting of the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group on Monday November 20th in Helsinki (Finland).