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  1. Opening of the meeting.
    • Keynote address: Director General Montserrat Torne, International Cooperation and Institutional Relations, Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain
    • Questions and Answers
  2. Approval of draft agenda.
  3. Summary and conclusions of the 20th Meeting
    • Approval of draft minutes from Arlanda meeting 30th November 2009 [ doc ]
    • Matters arising from the minutes
  4. Actions and matters arising
    • Report from the e-IRG chair
      • Deliverables for 2009 from the support programme
        • D1.3: Updated e-IRGSP2 service description
        • D1.4: Second Annual Report
        • D2.3: Second policy support progress report
        • D3.4: Second impact analysis
        • D4.2: Second legal issues report
        • D5.4: Liaison activity report and Knowledge Base status report
      • The data-centric age, GridBriefings April 2010-11 [  pdf ]
      • The e-IRG April 2010 Newsletter [ pdf ]
    • News from the member countries and the Commission
    • Updated list of Ministers responsible for e-Infrastructure matters [xls]
    • Member Countries with delegates needing a re-nomination before the end of 2010 [  xls ]
  5. e-IRG collaboration and liaison with other organisations
    • Outcome from the "INDIA-EU WORKSHOP ON RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURES", INSA, New Delhi on Jan. 11-12, 2010. The Indian recommendations include liaison with the e-IRG. [  ppt ]
    • Discussion on how to collaboration with the e-InfraNet project.
    • Office for Cyberinfrastructure (USA)
    • ERC, ESF and EU Parliament
    • Future Internet (FIRE)
    • e-IRG presence at conferences and events
      • BoF session (e-IRG supporting the shared use of e-Infrastructures as part of the European Research Area) at the TERENA Networking Conference  on the 1st June.
  6. e-IRG e-Infrastructure Roadmap
    • Roadmap press release [ pdf ] and page on the e-IRG web server [ link ]
    • Roadmap [ pdf ] and comments file [ pdf ]
    • Entry in [ link ]
    • Article in iSGTW [ link ]
  7. e-IRG Blue Paper on e-Infrastructure for ESFRI (Neil Geddes)
    • Status presentation and actions needed to complete the work.
    • Draft document version 4.1 (4.6.2010)
      • Clean without track changes [  doc ]
      • Executive summary [  doc ]
  8. e-IRG actions and positions
    • Next steps after the e-IRG and ESFRI Data Management Task Force (Dany Vandromme)
      • Recommendations by the DMTF group for further actions
    • Position paper on AAI as agreed at the Uppsala meeting [  doc ]
      • Recommendations by the AAI group for further actions
  9. Plans for the next e-IRG White Paper
    • Input for discussion and commitments from the delegates
      • Updated version of the document with track changes [  doc].
  10. Selection of the e-IRG chair for the 2011-2012 term
    • Status and process review, the e-IRG bylaws [ link ]
    • Appointment of the suggested search committee
      • Rosette Vandenbroucke (Chair)
      • Gudmund Host
      • Sergi Girona
  11. Non-Session
    • No minutes: national issues, contacts, plans, activities, visions
  12. Reflections and discussion on the  e-IRG support programme e-IRGSP3 for 2011-2013.
    • Patrick Aerts/Rossend Llurba presents the succesful proposal [ Draft DoW  pdf ].
  13. AOB
    • Dates and themes for the Belgian e-IRG EU Presidency 2H/2010
  14. Closing of the meeting.