Overview of previous delegates meetings and meeting minutes - visible for delegates only (password protected)

The e-IRG meeting on 27th of November took place in Brussels, Square de Meeûs 1,  1st  floor.

->   Draft decisions and actions from the meeting [pdf]

Presentation of the meeting


Monday, 27 November

8:30  Welcome Coffee/Tea
9:00 – 10:30
  1. Welcome, Opening - Toivo Räim, Gabriele von Voigt
  2. Approval of the Agenda - Gabriele von Voigt
    Proposed decision: Approve the agenda for the 51th delegates meeting.
  3. Conclusions from the 50th delegates meeting and approval of the minutes - Gabriele von Voigt
    Statement: Presentation of previous meeting main conclusions.
    Draft minutes of the 50th e-IRG Delegates Meeting
    Proposed decision: Approve the minutes of the 50th delegates meeting
  4. EC presentations about EOSC / EuroHPC - tbc
    Statement: Update on EOSC and EuroHPC developments including governance.
  5. Update on Go-FAIR - Erik Fledderus
    Statement: Update on Go-FAIR initiative after June workshop, initiated by Netherlands and Germany (Joint position paper presented at the Competitiveness Council). [pptx]
  6. Future role of e-IRG - Introduction presentation with questionnaire answers' analysis
    Statement: Introduction presentation on the questionnaire about the future role of e-IRG to prepare for the discussion in the breakout session.
10:30 – 11:00 Split into 3 groups + Coffee/Tea break

11:00 – 13:00

  1. Future role of e-IRG - Breakout session on e-Infra directions  (Questions 1- 6)

- Three breakout session groups to be co-moderated by e-IRGSP5 team and delegates.

Statement: Working groups discussions on the future role of e-IRG in the identified e-Infrastructure areas and related developments, so that policy actions can be derived:

  • EOSC
  • Data world and RDA, Go-FAIR
  • e-IRG as bridge between Member States/Associated Countries and the EC
  • EuroHPC and HPC in general
  • Towards FP9 and 2025

An analysis of the questionnaire will be available soon after 23 November (deadline for submitting the answers).

13:00 – 14:00 Working lunch
13:30 – 15:30
  1. Summary and conclusions of the breakout session (60 min) - Rapporteurs of breakout sessions - Gabriele von Voigt
    Statement: Presentation of summary and conclusions from the breakout sessions and discussion on the future role of e-IRG. 
    Proposed decision: Main directions on the future role of e-IRG.
  2. Vision/mission and e-IRG bylaws update discussion
    a. e-IRG Executive Board composition review
    Statement: Discussion on whether the current composition of the e-IRG Executive Boad, with a permanent Chair and co-Chairs, vice-Chairs from the EU presidencies needs to be revised to face the upcoming challenges.
    b. Conflict of Interest policy creation
    Statement: Follow-up of the Tallinn discussions about potential Conflict of Interests (CoIs) from e-IRG delegates and support project members.
    Proposed decision: Main directions on the e-IRG CoI document
    c. e-IRG vision/mission and bylaws review
    Statement: Based on the previous agenda item decisions, discussion on whether the e-IRG vision/mission and the e-IRG bylaws need to be updated.
  3. Policy documents discussion (Questions 7-8)
    a. New policy document: EOSC national nodes, e-Infrastructure maturity at national level and connection with ESFRI RIs
    Statement: Discussion about a future e-IRG policy document based on the decision of the Tallinn meeting to focus on the three areas above -
    Input document on MS/AC and ESFRI relation towards EOSC
    Proposed decision: Working Group creation, WG Chair, topics and type of document.
    b. Long term preservation of Research Data
    Statement: Presentation on the status of the work/document and follow-up from the discussion at the Tallinn meeting.
    Proposed decision: Decision about the future of the document.  
15:30 – 16:00 Coffee/Tea break

16:00 – 17:30

  1. Reports and News
  • Report from the Chair - Gabriele von Voigt
  • Report from ESFRI - tbc
  • Report from e-IRGSP5
    a. Report from e-IRGSP5
    b. Plan for the next support project 
    Statement: At the Tallinn meeting the delegates were asked to express their interest in coordinating the next e-IRG support programme.
    Proposed decision: Appointment of the coordinator of the next support project.
  • Reports from countries and delegates activities regarding e-IRG
    Statement: The delegates are invited to report e-Infrastructure related developments (news, activities, initiatives, etc.) in their countries.
    And are also invited to send this information beforehand via email to the secretariat.
  1. Activities under Bulgarian EU Presidency - Aneta Karaivanova
    e-IRG Delegates meeting: 20 March 2018, Sofia
    e-IRG Delegates meeting and workshop: 14-16 May 2018, Sofia
    Statement: Proposal for the workshop outline and Programme Committee
    Proposed decision: Workshop outline and programme committee 
  2. Activities under Austrian EU Presidency
    e-IRG Delegates Meeting: 10 September 2018 connected to ICRI2018
    e-IRG Delegates Meeting and Workshop: November 2018
  3. AoB
    a. Knowledge Base: the delegates are encouraged to update the country information in the e-IRG Knowledge Base (the majority of information deals with HPC).
    b. e-IRGSP5 Advisory Board: The current composition is the e-IRG EB plus ESFRI representative (Yannis Ioannidis). Discuss whether an update is needed. 
  4. Closing

19:00 Dinner