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61th closed virtual e-IRG Delegates meeting on 27 May 2020.

List of registered e-IRG Delegates, e-IRG Support and Invited experts (In alphabetical order by country)

Attending the virtual meeting:

(updated manually 25-5-2020 at 12:55)

Name Delegate/Observer Country
Paolo Budroni Delegate Austria
Christian Panigl Delegate Austria
Chris de Loof Delegate Belgium
Aneta Karaivanova Delegate Bulgaria
Ivan Maric Delegate Croatia
Jan Gruntorad Delegate Czech Republic
Josva Kleist Delegate Denmark
Toivo Räim Delegate Estonia
Irina Kupiainen Delegate Finland
Sami Niinimaki Delegate Finland
Laurent Crouzet Delegate France
Andrea Herdegen Delegate Germany
Gabriele von Voigt Delegate Germany
Panos Argyrakis Delegate Greece
Yannis Ioannidis Observer Greece
Janos Mohacsi Delegate Hungary
Ilmars Slaidins Delegate Latvia
Jet de Ranitz Observer Netherlands
Erik Fledderus Delegate Netherlands
Arjen van Rijn Delegate Netherlands
Ladislav Hluchy Delegate Slovakia
Ignacio Blanquer Delegate Spain
Andreas Dudler Delegate Switzerland


e-IRG Support:

e-IRGSP6 Virtual meeting
Jan Wiebelitz Yes
Fotis Karayannis Yes
Michael Maragakis Yes
Naomi Messing Yes