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e-IRG Amsterdam Workshop Summary Published


Around 100 participants attended the e-IRG workshop organized in Amsterdam on 3-4 December 2012 during the Cyprus EU Presidency. Data, in all its forms and contexts was the main focus of the workshop, a topic which is evident in the renewed e-IRG strategy. The workshop was organised with both plenaries and parallel tracks in the areas of trust, foundations, content, services and governance, including also the recent developments on the Research Data Alliance (RDA).

The topics were:

  • Trust as basis for Data Access and Sharing
  • Foundations of Data Organizations
  • Building Blocks as Basis for a Global Infrastructure
  • Data Services for Research
  • Assessment of Data Services: Certification as a Means of Providing Trust
  • Governance Models and Policies
  • Research Data Allliance Governance Model and Policies
  • Content Working Group
  • Governance Working Group
  • Services Working Group
  • e-IRG Blue Paper on Data
  • Data is the Currency of Modern Science
  • Panel: How to Move Ahead

Read the complete report here.