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e-IRG issues "Evaluation of e-Infrastructures and the development of related Key Performance Indicators"

The e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) has produced a new document titled "Evaluation of e-Infrastructures and the development of related Key Performance Indicators". The objective of this e-IRG document is to provide an initial framework for evaluation and assessment of regional, national and European e-Infrastructures and to develop a categorisation of KPIs for key areas/components and other cost-related information, basically for the funder and policy level.

This initial framework is the starting point for further development and implementation. As KPIs should be based on the aims of the different stakeholders, a final framework can only be established by close interaction with these stakeholder groups. The stakeholder groups consist of funders of public e-Infrastructures, end users and providers of e-Infrastructures and related services. This interaction will be based on the results of this document. More concretely, the eInfraCentral and e-IRG Support Programme 5 (e-IRGSP5) projects will use the initial framework, and consider the various KPI types and formats, the application of these KPIs on different e-Infrastructures and their comparability.

The document can be referenced at the permanent link: http://e-irg.eu/catalogue/eirg-1005.

Direct download of the current version.