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European Commission asks infrastructure operators to participate in the on-line consultation on the Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures

The European Commission has published a "European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures" in June of this year. Now, the Commission has opened an on-line survey for infrastructure providers and stakeholders to participate in a survey regarding this Charter. The online survey closes on October 11th 2015.

The European Commission has recently defined new priorities on Open Innovation, Open Science and Open to the World policies. The purpose of the consultation on the Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures is to verify whether the current draft version of the Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures needs to be updated in order to better reflect these new priorities.

Research infrastructures also include e-Infrastructures such as PRACE (supercomputers), GEANT (Networking), EGI (Cloud federation), IDGF (Crowd computing), and many others. The Charter sets the basis for a common understanding of what an Access policy for Research Infrastructures is and of its underlying implications.

Access to an infrastructure means how users can get access to an e-infrastructure. This includes how they can qualify to use the infrastructure. For instance with PRACE they have to pass a peer review system. Others are open to all university personnel and students.

This also encourages the different infrastructures to ensure a maximum level of transparency of their Access processes and procedures.

The Charter is not legally binding. It is up to the infrastructure operators - including the ones mentioned as examples above - whether they will implement it or not.

The Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures is developed by the Commission in close cooperation with the ESFRI, the e-IRG and the ERA Stakeholder Organisations (CESAER, EARTO, EUA, LERU, NordForsk and Science Europe).

The European Commission, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group and the European Research Area stakeholder organisations will regularly assess the relevance and applicability of this Charter.

Survey information is available on http://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/news/participate-line-consultation-charter-access-research-infrastructures.

You can download the Charter of Access at http://knowledgebase.e-irg.eu/documents/243153/246094/European+Charter+for+Access+to+Research+Infrastructures.pdf.