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European Commission launches consultation on e-infrastructures for the Horizon2020 Work programme 2018-2020

On 10 February 2016, the European Commission has launched an open consultation in the context of preparation of the next Horizon 2020 e-infrastructure Work Programme 2018-2020. The objective of this consultation is to gather input from e-infrastructure stakeholders on the challenges they face which the future work programme could address. There is also a new open consultation for the definition of the next work programme 2018-2020 on Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) and the use of mathematics for Big Data and HPC. Consultations are open until 30 April 2016.

All the contributions will be collected on the Digital4Science platform, so that they are available for discussion and further elaborations. This collaborative and collective process will hopefully produce a lot of inspiration and information for the drafting of the EC Work programme 2018-2020 - the last Horizon2020 Work programme.

For information on participating in the consultation you can visit the Digital4Science platform.