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ICEI Public Information Event on the realisation of a federated HPC and data analytics infrastructure

Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), Spain; CEA, France; CINECA, Italy; ETH Zuerich/CSCS, Switzerland; and Forschungszentrum Juelich/JSC, Germany jointly announce a Public Information Event, which will be held on 15 March 2018 from 10:00 to 16:00 CET on the premises of BSC in Barcelona, Spain. The purpose of the event is to consult the market in preparation of a possible procurement of equipment and R&D services.

The partners plan to deliver a set of e-infrastructure services that will be federated to form the Fenix Infrastructure. The distinguishing characteristic of this e-infrastructure is that data repositories and scalable supercomputing systems will be in close proximity and well integrated. First steps in this direction are planned to be realised in the context of the European Human Brain Project, which will be the initial prime user of this research infrastructure.

The purpose of the ICEI Public Information Event is to inform all interested suppliers about the expectations and plans of the partners, as well as to gather their feedback. All interested suppliers of relevant solutions and services are invited to participate in this event. The overall number of participants is limited. To maximise the number of participating suppliers, the number of representatives per company is restricted to two.

In order to register, you can use the dedicated registration form until 12th of March at 12 CET.

For any further information, you can visit the Public Information Event website or send an e-mail to the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.