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Prepare for the upcoming e-IRG Workshop in Amsterdam

The next edition of the Open e-IRG workshop about "Progress of the e-Infrastructure Commons: integration and interoperability - funding and revenue models" is approaching fast but you can still register.

In order for participants to be well prepared for this e-IRG workshop, they can find several resources below to inform them about the topics that will be discussed:

1. The video presentations of the past e-IRG Workshop in Belval, Luxembourg in November 2015 are available at https://vimeo.com/album/3699567

2. Keynote speaker Tony Hey will address the topic of "Open Science in an ever changing e-Infrastructure landscape". You can read a recent interview with Tony Hey about the same topic in this e-IRG news blog.

The discussions in the upcoming workshop will be largely devoted to the e-infrastructure Commons for working towards integrated services via interoperable e-infrastructures. To provide you with an insight in this topic, the following interviews might be of interest:

3. Interview with e-IRG Delegate Arjen van Rijn: e-Infrastructure Commons initiative aims to organize efficient e-Infrastructures at a European level.

4. Interview with Sergio Andreozzi, EGI Strategy and Policy Manager, at the e-IRG Workshop in Riga, June 2015: Moving up to an Open Science Commons.