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Science Europe to issue Research Infrastructures Survey Report

Science Europe has released a Survey Report on "Strategic Priorities, Funding and Pan-European Co-operation for Research Infrastructures in Europe". The 26-page report describes the decision-making landscape when it comes to the planning, funding and collaboration of public scientific research facilities in Europe. It gives insight into the diversity of processes in place to define strategic priorities across the different national research systems.

The report highlights the benefits of cross-border collaboration among research organisations and finds that "huge potential still exists for increased co-operation and real integration, such as sharing operation costs, structured exchange about priorities, and bilateral and multilateral funding initiatives".

The report proposes 15 recommendations to foster the development of a stronger Research Infrastructure base for the European Research Area. These recommendations were articulated following the analysis of data collected from amongst Science Europe Member Organisations in spring 2014.

The report is available at  http://knowledgebase.e-irg.eu/documents/243153/304992/Strategic+Priorities%2C+Funding+and+Pan-European+Co-operation+for+Research+Infrastructures+in+Europe.pdf