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An overview on cloud computing for research and science published

e-IRG has published a report which presents cloud computing in a holistic way, elaborates its applicability for research and science, investigates related policy aspects and provides policy recommendations.

The future of cloud computing for research and science appears to be hybrid: the first service is a hybrid e-Infrastructure cloud for research composed by a distributed community cloud. This means evolving the current distributed computing infrastructure environment into a virtualised computing e-infrastructure. The second service is a centralised pool of commercial public cloud resources. The community cloud is mostly suitable for the high-end users of global collaborations usually called “big sciences” (such as high energy physics or bioinformatics) and the latter mostly for the small sciences (individual scientists or scientists without significant collaborations with “low-end” needs).

e-IRG formulates recommendations at national and European level. At national level there is a major request to integrate cloud technologies in existing e-Infrastructures and to stimulate a single point of access to e-infrastructures for European researchers. The recommendations at the EC level repeat those mentioned above and add the requirements to include commercial cloud offerings in the research area and ensure an open policy for all e-infrastructure providers. The necessary support actions for these recommendations are outlined.

The report Cloud Computing for research and science: a holistic overview, policy, and recommendations can be downloaded at: