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Final version of the Blue Paper on Data Management published

e-IRG has published a Blue Paper on data management. It provides an assessment of Europe’s e-Infrastructure service portfolio, and identifies the opportunities and challenges involved. Blue Paper reports on current trends and issues and sets out policy recommendations for several key areas, especially for ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) projects. e-Infrastructure tools and resources must be developed in a global context to support researchers’ global endeavours.

The Blue Paper identifies the most important areas of data mangement addressing following topics:

  • Data e-Infrastructure by Peter Wittenburg, Damien Lecarpentier, Norbert Meyer
  • Reliability and Replications by Johannes Reetz, John Kennedy, Maciej Brzezniak
  • Metadata by Gera Pronk, Daan Broeder
  • Unified Access and interoperability by Angelos Bilas
  • Security by Steven Newhouse, Sergio Andreozzi

with contribution from e-IRG Data Management task force.

ESFRI invited the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group to produce a report, on e-Infrastructure services and Data Management, enabling more efficient e-Infrastructure support for the science that is done by the ESFRI projects.

The blue paper can be downloaded here: