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Thursday, April 19th, 2007

13:00-14:00   Welcome buffet and registration at EML
14:00-14:30   Welcome and Introduction to the workshop (Leif Laaksonen and Wolfgang Gentzsch)

Topic 1: Towards a European Grid Infrastructure.

It is our belief that we have successfully built local, national and community e-infrastructures until now, and might have got some good ideas on how to proceed on a European level. We want to share these ideas.

  • Dieter Kranzlm├╝ller , Joh. Kepler University Linz, EGI Coordinator
    A European Vision and Plan for a Common Grid Infrastructure
  • Steven Newhouse, Director OMII-UK
    User requirements for and concerns about a European e-Infrastructure
  • Kimmo Koski , CSC Finland and HET
    Results of the HPC in Europe Taskforce (HET)
  • Kyriakos Baxevanidis, CEC
    European e-Infrastructure: current status, opportunities, challenges
  • Victor Alessandrini , DEISA
    Enabling cooperative extreme computing in Europe
  • Tony Hey , Corporate Vice President Microsoft, former Head of UK e-Science Programme
    From research infrastructures to industry participation; a long way to go ?

Friday, April 20th, 2007


Topic 2: Sustainability for e-Infrastructures.

It is our belief that, to create a sustainable e-infrastructure for Europe, we have to consider economic and social aspects as well. We certainly want to learn from the experience of large institutions, industry, and the Internet.

  • Costas Courcoubetis, Dept. of Computer Science, Athens University of Economics and Business
    Sharing policies and resource provisioning in Grids
  • Daniel Veit , Professor of Business Administration and Information Systems ? E-Business and E-Government, University of Mannheim
    Grid Economy and Business Models; from Web to Grids
  • Neil Geddes, UK National Grid Service Building a sustainable European Grid Service; lessons learned from a national experience
  • Prof Rob Procter , National Centre for e-Social Science, Manchester University
    Challenges for Sustainability: Perspectives and experiences from e-Social Science
  • John Wood, CEO CCLRC and ESFRI Chair
    A European roadmap for new, large-scale Research Infrastructures and the need for a common e-Infrastructure
12:00-13:00   Lunch buffet at EML

Topic 3: Bridging the gap between academia and industry.

It is our belief that a European e-infrastructure should be of interest for both research and industry. We want to learn when requirements are different and lead to different infrastructures, and when they are similar, so that research and industry can benefit from the same e-infrastructure.

  • Ulf Dahlsten, Director, CEC
    Pre-commercial Procurement of innovation; A missing link in innovation in Europe
  • Bob Jones, EGEE
    EGEE's vision and roadmap to involve industry
  • Thierry Priol , INRIA, Scientific Coordinator of CoreGRID
    An e-Infrastructure for Grid Research and the Industry: the CoreGRID experience
  • Michael Resch, Director HLRS, University of Stuttgart
    Collaboration with industry; from HPC to Grids