Preliminary Workshop Programme

The workshop will have the following topics on Long-term Sustainability for e-Infrastructures:

  • long-term sustainability: structure and financing/funding
  • long-term sustainability of data - ownership, preservation, archiving
  • long-term sustainability of services
8:30 - 9:30  Registration
8 June 2017
Session on Long-term sustainability: structure and financing/funding


  • 30' Local host, Maltese ministry, e-IRG Chair (Welcome notes)
  • 30' Sergio Andreozzi (EGI, OSPP) "Governance and financial schemes for the EOSC" (tbc)
  • 30' Laurence Lenoir (BELSPO, Belgium and ESFRI), "Report from the ESFRI Long Term Sustainability (LTS) Working Group (WG)"


11:00 – 11:30  Coffee / tea break


  • 20' Benjamín Sánchez Gimeno / Juan Miguel González-Aranda (MINECO,Spain), "LifeWatch ERIC and sustainability plans"
  • 20' Serge Bogaerts (PRACE), "PRACE: Sustainability of an ESFRI Landmark"
  • 20' Hans Karlsson (SNIC, Sweden), "Scandinavian model on e-Infrastructure long-term sustainability"


12:30 – 14:00  Lunch break

Session on Procurement and financial schemes of digital services for research



  • 15' Andres Steijaert (GEANT) "Clouds on the ground - making clouds accessible through pan-European framework agreements"
  • 10' Garvan McFeeley (HEAnet), Case study: GEANT IaaS procurer
  • 10' Dario Vianello (EMBL-EBI), Case study: procurer from the HNSciCloud project
  • 10' Marc-Elian Begin (SixSq), Case study: SME cloud service provider in HNSciCloud PCP - via video (tbc)
  • 10' Jurry de la Mar (T-Systems), Case study: cloud service provider in GEANT IaaS and HNSciCloud PCP
  • 15' Bob Jones (CERN) "Cross-border procurement of e-Infrastructure services: Opportunities, Barriers, Use cases, Best Practices (based on the study supported by the EGI-Engage project)"
  • 20' Panel discussion with the speakers


15:30 – 16:00 Coffee / tea break

Session Evaluation of e-Infrastructures and relates Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)



  • 20' Paolo Budroni (e-IRG) "Assessment framework for the evaluation of e-Infrastructures and development of KPIs"
  • 20' Rafael Jimenez (ELIXIR) "ELIXIR KPI framework and alignment of KPIs between e-Infrastructures and research infrastructures"
  • 20' Alasdair Reid (eInfraCentral), Fotis Karayannis (e-IRGSP5) , "e-Infrastructure assessment strategy", joint presentation by eInfraCentral and e-IRGSP5
  • 30' Panel


17:30   End of 1st day  

19:00    Dinner for workshop participants and e-IRG delegates, a cultural evening with a harbour cruise together with an on board dinner supported by Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE).

9 June 2017
Session Long-term sustainability: services & data



  • 15' Ann Harding (Switch), "Current status and sustainability plans of Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure"
  • 15' Yuri Demchenko (EDISON), "Training for sustainable skills development"
  • 15' Jamie Shiers (CERN), "The user perspective: An EOSC service pilot view"(tbc)
  • 15' Prof. Kristian Zarb Adami (SKA) "SKA report on long term storage preservation requirements"
  • 30' Panel


11:00 - 11:30 Coffee / tea break
Session Long-term sustainability: services & data (continue)


  • 20' Juan Miguel Gonzalez-Aranda (e-IRG) "Long term preservation of research data (e-IRG document)"
  • 20' Ingrid Dillo (DANS), "Data Archiving and preservation - Sustainability perspective"
  • 20' Erik Fledderus "The Go-FAIR initiative"
  • 30' Panel



Gabriele von Voigt, e-IRG Chair (Closing remarks)