Preliminary version of the e-IRG Workshop Programme (14-15 May, noon-to-noon)

The workshop program will be divided in two main parts: In the first part, the EuroHPC ecosystem will be presented, including presentations about HPC-specific issues: microelectronics, supercomputer applications, user perspectives, policy issues. In the second part, the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) opportunities for national e-Infrastructures and European RIs (with emphasis on South East Europe and Eastern Mediterranean countries), along with EOSC national views will be presented.

The workshop will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the current status and perspectives of Pan-European e-Infrastructure initiatives, and to see a clear picture of the achievements and challenges of the countries in the region of SEE and EM.

12:00 13:00  Registration desk open to pick up the badges
14 May 2018
Session 1: European FET Initiatives




Opening Session and European FET Initiatives

  • Opening and Welcome - Gabriele von Voigt on behalf of e-IRG, Deputy minister of MES Ivan Dimov on behalf on the host
  • Human Brain Project - Prof L. Klüver (tbc)
  • Quantum Computing - Prof L. Bacsárdi
  • Graphene - Prof A. Lichtenberg (tbc)

15:00 – 15:30  Coffee / tea break
Session 2: Challenges Data and HPC




Keynote speaker Ivan Dimov: Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Education and Science about EuroHPC HPC initiatives: Overview from the Commission/Outcomes from the HPC Forum.  
Presentations of 4 Initiatives:
  • C2CAMP/Fenix - Colin McMurtrie (CSCS)
  • ETP4HPC initiative - Marcin Ostasz (BSC)
  • BDVA initiative - Ana Garciá Robles (tbc)
  • ECMWF project - Dr. P. Bauer (Deputy Director Research Department, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts)


Panel Discussion - feedback to data and HPC 



  End of 1st day  

19:30    Dinner for the e-IRG workshop participants will be in the restaurant "Happy Village".The restaurant is on walking distance from the Grand hotel Sofia. See location Google maps here.

15 May 2018
Session 3: EOSC - progress and national views




EOSC Roadmap from the Commission - P. Brenier (EC DG RTD A6)

EOSCpilot project - M. Dovey (JISC)
EOSC-hub project - (tbc)
FAIR Data Action Plan - Françoise Genova  (MESRI)
National views from 3 EU countries
  • Spain - I. Blanquer
  • Poland - N. Meyer
  • Czech Republic - M. Ruda

10:30 – 11:00  Coffee / tea break
Session 4: ESIF




ESIF funding for national e-Infrastructures and EU RIs

  • South-East European case: BG, RO, GR, HU


Panel Discussion




Wrap-up - Closing remarks and plans for next workshop