Blue Papers

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The Blue Paper on Data Management 2012

The Blue Paper identifies the most important areas of data management addressing following topics: Data e-Infrastructure, Reliability and Replications, Metadata, Unified Access and interoperability, Security.

  • pdf Summary of Policy Recommendations Drawn from the e-IRG Blue Paper on Data Management 2013 [pdf] (published in 2014)
  • pdf pdf file of this document [pdf](published on 30th of October 2012)

Blue Paper on e-Infrastructure 2010

In October 2009 ESFRI invited the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) to produce a report, or “Blue Paper”, on e-Infrastructure services, enabling more efficient e-Infrastructure support for the science that is done by the ESFRI projects. This Blue Paper was delivered to ESFRI at the end of June 2010, and endorsed by the ESFRI plenum at the ESFRI delegates meeting, on Friday 24 October 2010.

  • pdf pdf file of this document [pdf]