eInfrastructure Reflection Group (eIRG) Meeting

16th April, 2004

Royal Irish Academy
19 Dawson Street
Dublin 2

Attendance at this meeting is restricted to members of the eInfrastructures Reflection Group (eIRG), whilst the purpose of the meeting is determined by the eIRG's Terms of Reference.

Terms of Reference

  • The main objective of the eIRG is to support on the political, advisory and monitoring level the creation of a policy and administrative framework for the easy and cost effective shared use of electronic resources in Europe (focusing on Grid-computing, data storage, and networking resources) across technological, administrative and national domains.
  • The eIRG will consist of high level national experts and national representatives that will have the mandate from their national public research authorities to participate in the above group and represent their country's views on the above topic.
  • The works of the group will be assisted by relevant initiatives on the technical level (e.g. FP6-funded efforts) that will conduct the necessary technical work to support the effective performance of the eIRG tasks (e.g. creation of a registry of access and use policies of electronic resources in Europe, preparation of white papers on the harmonization of resources use policies etc).