e-IRG meeting 19 November 2004 The Hague

In november 2004 a number of pan-European evenements around e-infrastructure, gridtechnology and e-Science will take place in The Netherlands under the common title European leadership in e-science and grids. One of the most prominent is a (closed) meeting of the eInfrastructures policy initiative. The meeting will be held on Friday November 19th 2004 in the Hague in The Netherlands.

Following its mission, the e-IRG will discuss in depth on new common policies and will provide relevant recommendations on the shared use of electronic resources in Europe. Key input for the work of the e-IRG will be the new white paper from the Support Team and the conclusions of the eInfrastructures policy workshop on the day before.

There will be a focus this time of the works of the e-IRG on the following topics:

  • a policy for resource sharing
  • the registry/repository for European resources, a continuous effort
  • coordination of new national and EU funding programs
  • better links and synergies between Europe and other regions (e.g. USA, Japan) engaged in similar activities

The event will be held in the Litteraire Societeit De Witte (Plein 24, The Hague, The Netherlands). The society was founded in 1802 and its historical main building is located in the very centre of The Hague, next to the seat of the Dutch parliament.