The e-IRG Meeting is hosted by the Austrian Grid Initiative
(Coordinator: o.Univ.Prof Dr. Jens Volkert)
Austrian Grid is a project funded by the bm:bwk (Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture) under "GZ 4003/2-VI/4c/2004" after recommendation by the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development

Workshop on e-Infrastructures

The main objective of the eInfrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) is to support - on a political, advisory and monitoring level - the creation of a policy and administrative framework for enabling easy and cost-effective shared use of distributed electronic resources across Europe and beyond, focusing particularly on grid computing, data storage, and networking resources across technological, administrative and national domains. The results of e-IRG are definitions and recommendations of best practices for each of the (pan-) European e-Infrastructure efforts. The e-IRG consists of official delegates from the various European countries, nominated by their ministries.

The open e-IRG workshop represents an important part of the e-IRG activities for enabling the discussion of e-infrastructure related topics with the community. Experts on various areas will get together to explore open issues, outstanding questions and particularly the next steps towards sustainability of e-infrastructures.

On Monday April 10th and Wednesday April 11th an open workshop organised by the eInfrastructure Reflection Group will be held in Linz. The workshop starts on Monday, April 10 with a plenary session starting at 13:30, which consists of a series of presentations on important topics, intended to inform the public about the current status of the work within e-IRG. A special session from 16:00-17:30 discusses the futures of e-Infrastructures, which includes a public presentation of the eIRG Task Force on Sustainable e-Infrastructures. After that there is time for discussion and a joint workshop dinner.

On Tuesday, April 11 the interactive part starts. We will basically split up into 5 parallel sessions on 10 important topics. Each session is reserved for 90 minutes and coffee will be provided during the sessions in order to save some time. In addition, we have the summary sections for each group of 5 parallel sessions. The results of these will be the basic input for the e-IRG White Paper, which should be finished two weeks before the e-IRG Delegates Meeting on June 6, 2006, where e-IRG hopes to approve this new version of the White Paper. Please note, that not every topic in the White Paper is included with a specific session in the workshop, such that some topics need to be discussed offline. The eIRG Workshop will close on April 11 at 16:00. This provides you with sufficient time to get to the Blue Danube Airport Linz for the flights (to Vienna and Frankfurt) at 18:00.


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