Open e-IRG Workshop in Dublin on 22-23 May 2013

The past e-IRG Workshop under the Irish EU Presidency of the European Union took place in Dublin, Ireland from Wednesday 22nd until Thursday 23rd of May. HEAnet Ltd arranged dinner at the Guinness Storehouse, Ireland's number one international visitor attraction, for the evening of Wednesday 22nd May at 19:00 (GMT).

- A summary of the e-IRG workshop in Dublin is available -

European Services on Data

As part of the e-IRG workshop we would like to start looking at the European eco-system of services on data. These are services given to European researchers across country boundaries. We would like to motivate all initiatives/institutes which are offering such services to describe their services with the help of a simple preliminary form which you can find here. We are intending to make this registry a continuous activity and improve the web-site. Those who described useful services will get space to present them by short presentations posters.

Coordination of e-Infrastructures

As another part of the workshop, coordination of e-infrastructures will be discussed. This is a central element of implementing the e-IRG strategy, where e-IRG should facilitate coordination (from the users perspective) of the different e-infrastructure initiatives in Europe, and also facilitate the coordination between the European and national levels. In this discussion, we will invite scientists and research infrastructure experts to provide constructive comments.