Open Workshop on e-Infrastructures
(e-IRG Workshop)

CSC, the Finnish it center for science, Espoo, Finland
October 4-5, 2006

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The series of open e-IRG workshops support the e-IRG activities by enabling and stimulating the discussion of e-infrastructure related topics with the community across thematic and country borders. Experts on various areas will get together to explore open issues and outstanding questions for enabling easy and cost-effective shared use of distributed electronic resources across Europe and beyond, based on sustainable e-infrastructures.

On Wednesday and Thursday October 4th and 5th 2006 there will be an open workshop organised by the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group. The purpose of the e-IRG Workshop during Finland's Presidency is to update the current e-Infrastructures Roadmap and White Paper. The workshop will be held in Keilaniemi, Finland.

With the folowing speakers:

  • Anita Lehikoinen (Finnish Ministry of Education)
  • Risto Nieminen (Finnish Grid)
  • Timo Skyttä (Nokia, Liberty Alliance)
  • Kimmo Koski (CSC, chair HPC in Europe Taskforce - HET)
  • Michael Grønager (Technical Coordinator NDGF, Nordic GRID)
  • David Giaretta (CASPAR project on data access)
  • Klaus Ulmann (DANTE)
  • Christoph Witzig (SWITCH)