64th closed virtual e-IRG Delegates meeting on 16 March 2021.

List of registered e-IRG Delegates, e-IRG Support and Invited experts (In alphabetical order by country)

Attending the virtual meeting:

(updated manually 3-2-2021)

Name Delegate/Observer Country  

Delegates Austria  
  Delegate Belgium  
  Delegate Bulgaria  
  Delegate Croatia  
  Delegate Denmark  
  Delegate Estonia  
  Delegate Finland  
  Delegate France  
  Delegate Germany  
  Delegates Hungary  
  Delegate Italy  
  Delegate Latvia  
  Delegate Luxembourg  
  Delegate Netherlands  
  Delegate Slovenia  
  Delegate Spain  
  Delegates Sweden  
  Delegate Turkey  


Attending e-IRG Support:

Jan Wiebelitz
Fotis Karayannis
Michael Maragakis
Naomi Messing