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Data management book created by ENVRI community is now available

The ENVRI community, guided by the editors Zhiming Zhao and Maggie Hellström, worked hard on a 20-chapter book providing a systematic overview of the common challenges faced by research infrastructures.

The book is titled "Towards Interoperable Research Infrastructures for Environmental and Earth Sciences".

This highly anticipated publication explains how a 'reference model guided' engineering approach can be used to achieve greater interoperability among such infrastructures in the environmental and Earth sciences.

The book is organized around five different parts focusing on the design, development, deployment, operation, and use of research infrastructures.

You can also read the interview with Dr. Zhiming Zhao, one of the editors of the ENVRI data management book. Dr. Zhiming Zhao speaks about the story behind this book, describes the furthermost motivation, why the development was rather challenging and why you should read it. The interview with Dr. Zhiming Zhao can be found at the ENVRI website.

Published by Springer, you can purchase the real softcover book in its book archive, or access its contents online as the book is a Golden Open access publication under CC BY 4.0.